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Ordinary Human Being.. Every man makes mistakes so I am no exception... Sometimes I may not realize what bad stuff I am capable of doing and how it have hurts the people that I love. If I ever hurt your feeling then I would love to make it up to you so do let me know. Simple things will turn out big when kept to yourself. So, let it go even if it means hurting the people you love because based on my experience the pain is much more when shoot at a close range means when faced all at once . I love my parents , my family and all my loved ones. I would do anything for them and nothing they'll do would hurt me more and nothing I do would hurt them more than It hurt myself...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Setelah Sekian Lama

Apa khabar?
Selamat Pagi
*Maaf.. post kali ni dlm BM, harap anda tak kisah..

Dah terlalu lama rasanya tak post new entry dlm blog ni. 
Bukannya tak nak post dlm blog ni cuma dah ada penambahan ahli  baru dalam keluarga ni.,,
saya dah ada blog baru tapi itu untuk official bisnes je.
Hari ni nak tulis soal hati.
 Hati kita ni susah nak di jaga ,
 betul tak?
 Bukan itu saje
, degil pulak tu.
Kadang-Kadang memang tak makan nasihat. 
Hati kita ni jugak, boleh dengan senang di curi. 
Dah lah kena curi, pastu dipatah-patahkan pulak hati kita ni. 
Kesudahannya hati kita sengsara.. dah koyak rabak ... dah buruk , tak cantik lagi. 
Salah siapa?? Salah hati lah!.. Ikut hati mati..bukan?

Orang kata jgn, hati kita degil, buat jgk!
Orang kata dia x sesuai untuk awak, hati degil,  ikut jugak! 
Orang kata dia tu jahat jadi jangan percaya setiap kata-katanya...semua tu dusta..
hati degil, percaya jugak!
Orang kata jgn jatuh cinta, hati degil, bercinta jgk!
Orang kata dari mata turun ke hati, hati degil, pandang..kan dah tertarik .
Orang kata mereka semua sama, hati degil, "dia lain"... betul ke??!
Orang kata  kau mesti boleh hidup tanpa dia, hati degil, hati kata TIDAK... 
Orang kata setiap yg berlaku ada hikmahnya, hati degil, salahkan takdir!

Terkadang, kita terperangkap dengan mainan hati. Mungkin dalam kebanyakan masa kita dapat mengekang diri dari terlalu mengikut hati tapi kita juga tak terlepas daripada bisikannya satu saat nanti. Jadi apa yang perlu kita buat sebagai persediaan...??!!
bersihkan hati~
kerana... dengan hati yg bersih maka langkah yg diambil dari hati juga sukar untuk salah..
hilangkan dengki, takabur, iri hati, cemburu, riak
Suburkan IMAN... bajai TAQWA setiap hari..
Insya-Allah Hati selamat dari godaan Nafsu yang menyempitkan akal dan membutakan anggota.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Just a little update~

Friends... they are the one who should be there beside you in times of needs...Check it out!!
Is anyone there with you??

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A little something, something for my 'amiga'... plus2... Surat Dari Iman Untuk Hati

As the title said... This is a little something something for your love and time.. ahahaha ( as if i got a thousand followers  on my blog.. LOL!!

Well, Let see... emmm
Today, i'm not gonna be writing in English...huhu..so, excuse me...i'm gonna put in some 'rojak' in today's post...
Quite recently I'd received a tons of PM ( private message) saying bout a lot of stuff concerning our faith and believes.. our heart and the norms of us as human...( muslims can relate... some of it may be specially dedicated to them..but, u all can read , can't you? :-) Okies~

Here Goes Something~
" Jika Allah Sayangkan Seseorg, dia akan beri iman. Jika Allah Sayang lagi...
ermm... on second thought.. i'll just translate it for you guys ..ok!!

" If Allah S.W.T. love someone, Allah S.W.T will give him 'Iman'...
If Allah S.W.T loves him even more, Allah S.W.T. will give him strength to perform his obligation towards his religion(Islam)
with perfection....
and If Allah love him even even more than that...Allah will burden us with world affairs ... just to test how far and how much we love Allah  S.W.T back..
So, let us take a glimpse back and think of how much of our love towards God almighty as compared to HIS love for us..~MAHABBAH FILLAH~"

There's one more...This is a keepsake...

( SORRY... The following is in malay due to the fact that i'm getting lazy to translate it as it is quite long you see.. huhu.. SoRRy again guys)

~Surat Dari Iman Untuk Hati~

" Assalamualaikum,.. Hati
OOoo.. Hati..
Dengar jap... dok ( duduk)  baik-baik
Iman nak Cakap "Something"..
Emmm.. Camna nak cakap ni yek...??
Kalau Iman tak cakap sekarang , nanti takut Hati dah pergi jauh dari Iman, nanti 'time' tu, tak dapat dah Iman tegur Hati. Iman mula ya...
Sebenarnya 2-3 menjak ni, Iman tengok Hati dah makin jauh dari Allah...
Kalau dulu, Iman tengok setiap kali Hati buat ibadat, dengar nasihat, Hati mesti ' relate' dengan Allah dan cepat-cepat muhasabah.
Hati jangan ingat Iman tuduh melulu, Akal pun sependapat dengan Iman tau,..tak ingat ke kita dulu sahabat akrab, di mana ada Iman , kat situlah ada Akal dan Hati...
Tapi sekarang sejak kawan dengan Nafsu, Hati dah macam tak nak kawan ngan kami. Bila Nafsu suruh buat sesuatu, Hati terus ikut tanpa tanya pendapat kami dulu. Sedih tau kami bila Hati buat camni. Kenapa dengan sekejap sangat Hati dah banyak berubah.. Kenapa sejak kawan dengan Nafsu, Hati dah banyak langgar prinsip-prinsip kecintaan Hati pada Allah.. Hati dah isi kecintaan tu pada benda-benda lain??
Allah, Hati!!! Macam mana boleh jadi macam ni?
 Bukan ke dulu  Hati dah ikrar bahawa sesungguhnya tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah dan Nabi Muhammad itu persuruh Allah??
OOoo.. patutlah Hati dah jadi macam ni...
Hati dah terpaut pada benda lain yg xde hak untuk Hati cintai!!
Kenapa Hati ??
Jawab la...
Tak sedar ke , Hati dah banyk langgar prinsip Hati dek kerana cintakan benda lain tu?
Sedarlah Hati. Iman rasa dah makin lemah ni, bila Hati dah teguh pendirian nak kawan ngan Nafsu, last2 Akal ngan Iman yg kawan dengan Hati selama ni tinggal camtu je.
Hati, sebelum Hati dah jauh sangat, Iman mintak sangat2 kat Hati... please turn to your old self, kembali jadi Hati yg dulu, yang cinta sangat pada Allah dan Nabi.
Taubatlah sebelum Allah tarik,.. NYAWA JASAD YANG MENEMPATKAN HATI....
Yang Ikhlas.. Iman~

Friday, January 7, 2011

snow in Spring!!..is that even possible??

snow in spring...rain in drought...u named it
so people prefer calling it enigma..but i prefer calling it "despicable stupidity"..
oohh boy!!..did it cause a lot of trouble..?? ( smug)
the answer would be.....yESS!!
yeah! yeah!..why should i follow the wise n wisdow thought since i got my heart to walk me through it..
:p ..guess what ??..to conceive is another thing but to be in a crowd yet you are still conceiving it is another chapter...
EXTRa..ExTra....>> free advice..if u want to be me..then forget bout it...
for others to understand me is one thing and for me to be understanding is another but now....how can i understand ME...hahaha!!...going CFU~

well , since i started making my choice ...i had wish that i didn't make that, but sadly i did...though i think that's the best decision that i could come out of at that particular moment...calling me a coward...YeSS!!...
i am timid...but rasionally my WISE decision could have been my WORST in the whole history of decision making....WeLL dOnE for setting up the ReCoRD!!
now..i feel STUPID!!!
( for those who find this difficult to swallow/ go through...by all means stop reading..you won't understand the second time either...p/s: i make no sense,..i know!!..but what can i do..it's me...a senseless person...daaa~

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Viva forever!!...

The Song Inside Of Me
By Arszfa Alia · Friday, October 22, 2010
I’ve always been the kind of girl that hid my face,
So afraid to tell the world what I’ve got to say,
But I have this dream right inside of me,
I’m gonna let it show,
It’s time to let you know,
To let you know...
This is real, this is me...
I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now...
Got to let the light shine on me,
Now I’ve found who i am,
There’s no way to hold it in,
No more hiding who I want to be,
This is me...
u wouldn't know what it's like to fell so in the dark,
to dream about a life when ur the shining star,
eventhough it's seem like it's too far away,
I had to believe myself,
it's the only way,
Your the voice I hear inside of me,
the reason that I’m singing,
I need to find you,
I got to find you,
you’re the missing piece I need,
the song inside of me,
I need to find you,
I got to find you,
this is real, this is me,
I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be now,
Got to  let the light shine on me,
 now I’ve found who I am,
there’s no way to hold it in,
no more hiding who I want to be, this is me...



by Arszfa Alia on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 1:04pm

sometime we will never know what will make us change..
sometime we could never anticipate what will become of us..
sometime we might not be able to turn back n change to our usual self..
sometime it might be to late to even try to change..
sometime they say 'never to late for a change'..
sometime it is better to fail trying than to fail timidly on d sideway...
sometime we need courage to 'give'...and reasons to 'ask.'..
sometime we need love more than attention..
sometime i need you more than you need me
sometime you need me more than i need you..
sometime we all 'bite more than we can chew'..
sometime the most important  thing would be faith..
sometime it might as well be belief.... so be it..we believe but then...
sometime ,it's too good to be true..
sometime we'll regret losing when all the while it's there ,we didin't  even take the time to even noticed it..
sometime all it takes is one push...to wreck or to be bless...
sometime ...we realize what have we leave behind  just  to gain something that seems worthwhile at that particular moment..
sometime when we finally realize it..then..it might be to late...not to change but to relive...so what will we do..
sometime we just have to make the best out of every path that we lead ourselves into..
sometime it is best to not ask...WHY...
sometime it is better to think of HOW..
it will only take us time to give us TIME to make us the TIME to be ready for the TIME as for the time being we r a nobody..so ...major fact!!..THE TIME WILL COME ..there's TIME  for everything....so let us not be bothered by the unforgiving present so that our future would be more fullfilling...>>:P.....:)
ps:my own word...if there 's any error so might have been my careless typing mistake n etc...love: tulipCUTESY

 winners never quit...quitters never win....
 (pic. fr. Ft6 session 09/10 choral speaking competition at Perlis Matriculation  College,PMC..)

Za'ba 's Poetry Club,  few but incredibly talented and enthusiatic member...we don't know ..we struggle, we never give up...now, look where we stand...and we stand proud!!

gosh...have we ever wonder how incredibly persuasive we could sometime be...how amazingly stupid we could feel when we did something wrong....we never stop to realize that we are actually on the wrong path and that we need to go back...a step back would have made all the difference...trace your step to find out where have you gone wrong~but no!!..we aren't brave enough to take it...we are just like those ordinary people who love making fun of people while actually, they are the one who deserve to be a laughing stock for being on the sideline for ..,only god knows how long......hence, there's always a chance as long as we are still breathing...take the chance ...seize the moment...live the life!!..will you...not for me nor anyone else..do it for yourself...daaa~
>>may Allah S.W.T bless your effort....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqWoo4sIBOc

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

one step at a time...

A girl who had made her way through high school, matriculation, now university...a place that she dreamt of going as a kid...she is now a step closer to pursuing her dream,..what is that? well,that my friend is another story for another day...yet not a day goes by without her remembering her past though she hate to look back ,she always would be reminded of the day..those days where all her dream started.....those people who play an important role in her life ....who are they??...you may ask...well, you are about to find out!!